Open to all professionals who subscribe to the goals and objectives of the NFBPA. Individual membership is $200.00 annually.

Associate Membership

Open to all public and professional associations, organizations and institutions that subscribe to the goals and objectives of the NFBPA. Associate Memberships are available at PRIMARY: $1,100; SUSTAINING: $2,200; and GOLD: $5,500 annually.

Student Membership

Students at the undergraduate and graduate levels are eligible to become members of the NFBPA, provided they subscribe to the goals and objectives of the NFBPA and shall be a full-time student as defined by the institution in which they are enrolled. Documentation that verifies full-time status is required. Student Membership is limited to four consecutive years. Adults who are employed full-time and pursue full or part-time academic study are ineligible for student memberships. Student memberships are $35.00 annually.

Retiree Membership

Individuals who have declared themselves retired from active, full-time employment are eligible to become members of the NFBPA, provided they subscribe to the goals and objectives of the NFBPA and are not otherwise engaged in full-time employment. Retiree memberships are $100.00 annually.


Available to cities, counties, other levels of government, non-for-profit non-governmental agencies and universities who provide unparalleled resources and support to successfully deliver services to their employees and communities. As an Organizational member, some of the services available include entitlement to multiple individual memberships, discounted services through the Institute for Excellence in Public Service, a program center of NFBPA, succession planning support, career counseling, executive Coaching for Senior Management, Public Policy Research and best practices program design, executive recruitment, professional position temporary assignments and Executive Leadership Networking.


NFBPA Organizational Membership Dues Categories:

    • Gold Associate Member (751+ Employees): $5,500 – Includes membership for 5 employees
    • Sustaining Associate Member (300-751 Employees): $2,200 – Includes membership for 3 employees
    • Primary Member (Less than 300 Employees): $1,100 – Includes membership for 2 employees


Business memberships are open to any private sector business entity that subscribes to the goals and objectives of the NFBPA. Business Members are also members of the National Corporate Advisory Council (NCAC). The NCAC provides a unique forum in which corporate managers and public sector executives can come together to explore and test innovative solutions to important challenges. Through these partnerships, both government and private industry have the opportunity to seek cooperative solutions, which may improve the quality of life for the citizens of urban and rural America.


NFBPA Business Membership Dues Categories:

    • Up to 250 employees: $1,100
    • 251-499 employees: $2,200
    • Over 500 employees: $5,500