The Executive Leadership Institute has been developed to meet the needs of experienced managers and administrators. This program is designed for leaders – assistants or deputy/city managers and department directors – upon whom the chief executive officer relies to carry out policies, implement programs, and solve problems. We are particularly interested in admitting those persons intent on securing the position of city/county manager or agency chief within the next 2 to 5 years. In addition to aspiring to achieve an executive position, applicants should possess strong academic training, including a bachelor’s degree (required) and a master’s degree (preferred). Persons who fulfill these minimum requirements, demonstrate leadership skills, and a commitment to social responsibility will be considered. If you are selected as a candidate, you will be expected to become an active member of NFBPA, as well.

*Program managed by the National Office of NFBPA.


Many of our nation’s most respected executives, in both the public and private sectors, cite the support, influence and encouragement of a mentor as a contributing reason for their success. As an organization dedicated to grooming Black administrators for the challenges of senior management positions in the public sector, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators is firmly committed to fostering mentoring relationships that will increase career opportunities for the “next generation of Black public managers.”

With this commitment in mind, in 1987 NFBPA launched the Mentor Program, a unique program designed to positively impact the professional development of emerging public administrators. The program is an intensive, eight-month initiative with a two-fold focus. First, emphasis is placed on skills building, with specialized workshops offered during two group meetings. The second, and equally important, focus is embodied in informal interaction between mentors and protégés throughout the program period.

*Program managed by the National Office of NFBPA.